Re: The Solitaire™
Sent: 7/30/96 11:49 PM


Imagine a PDA that zigs when all the others zag: The Solitaire™, the slacker’s organizer. A cheap, pocket-size pen-based PDA that combines the cold efficiency of the Pilot, the pedestrian solidity of the OmniGo, and the forced frivolity of Magic Cap. The Solitaire™ doesn’t connect to anything, and doesn’t want to. It is self-contained and proud of its independence. No wireless gizmos with monthly service charges; no fiddly cables and goofy software to connect to PCs and Macs; Solitaire™ doesn’t even know that personal computers exist, and doesn’t really care.

Let those statistically insignificant millions of users concerned with aesthetics buy their elegant Newtons, if they can find one to buy. Plodding mediocrity shall prevail over the spark of innovation yet again. The people have spoken!

Imagine the ad campaign:

"Solitaire™. The first PDA that combines ignorance with indifference."
The mob chants rhythmically: "I don’t know and I don’t care!"

You see, Solitaire™ doesn’t care because it uses the SolitaireOS™, an under-achiever operating system that uses the metaphor of the Solitaire card game to represent applications, documents, alarms, alert boxes, everything. SolitaireOS lets you run your computer like most people run their lives: like a big game. Shuffle that deck of to-do items! Which double-booked appointment should you attend? New game! And when you do something right, like finishing everything on your task list, all your cards fly around leaving psychedelic trails all over your screen. It’s a great time to be alive, isn’t it?

Life is random, messy, and tacky, so why shouldn’t our computers reflect this? Fewer than 10% of Americans keep lists of anything, anyway. They don’t really want to be organized, they just want to have fun. Let’s give ‘em what they want: The Solitaire™!

The Solitaire™ is available at these fine stores: K-Mart, Pay-Less, 7-11, Jiffy Lube, and Taco Bell.

- Dave

©Copyright 1996 David MacNeill