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cdInStep for Newton

The missing link

From Pen Computing #7 December 1995
Concierge Software has released csInStep, an interesting middleware utility application for synchronizing your ACT 2.0, TouchBase Pro 4.0, Now Contact 3.5, and Now Up To Date 3.5 information with the Newton Names and Dates/To Do applications. Using Concierge's proprietary csUnity engine, users can quickly and easily synchronize their contact and schedule data at the transaction level instead of the more cumbersome file level. Unique to csInStep is its ability to synch up your Mac and Newton PIMs via email, in addition to using AppleTalk or a direct serial cable link. There is even an auto-synch option that will do the job unattended at user specified intervals. Additionally, by resetting the synch date/time option, you can have all of your information synchronized from the day you got your Newton. Synchronization with csInStep is very fast. The software is extensible, and Concierge plans to offer additional PIM support very soon.

Category: PIM synchronization
Contact: Concierge Software (703) 404-9168R
Memory needs: 250K
System needs: Newton hardware
List price: $99 disk

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