January 2005

Leadership change at palmOne
palmOne CEO Todd Bradley announced his resignation, effective February 25. His successor, initially on an interim basis, will be our old friend Ed Colligan who is now palmOne's President. Ed, of course, is a seasoned Palm veteran and I remember well the meeting we had with him at A&R Partners where he showed us this revolutionary new handheld before it was released, the original PalmPilot. Later, after Ed had followed Jeff Hawkins and Donna Dubinsky to Handspring, he was the one who enthusiastically showed us the first Handspring Visor. Ed is a man who has charisma, superb knowledge of the industry, and both marketing and techical skills. We can't think of anyone better suited to run palmOne. Congrats, Ed! -- Posted Wednesday, January 26, 2005 by chb

PalmOne fends off another ridiculous lawsuit
Some companies' primary business seems to be to harrass others with frivolous lawsuits. Palm had to endure years of costly legal defense to fend of a lawsuit from Xerox that was finally thrown out as having no merit at all. Even though Palm rightfully prevailed, that nonsense cost us Graffiti. NCR, too, nipped at Palm's heels, claiming they owned the very concept of the PDA. Fortunately, the courts wouldn't have any of that outrageous claim, but still had to turn down NCR three times before they got the message. [see story at news.com -- Posted Friday, January 7, 2005 by chb