April 2004

Zaurus SL-6000
Pocket PCs running the new Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition OS will not be the only handhelds on the scene with 640x480 displays that can rotate from portrait to landscape view with the a tap. Sharp is shipping the Zaurus SL-6000, the latest and greatest version of their powerful Linux/Java-based Zaurus handheld line. The SL-6000 not only offers the new VGA screen but a whole raft of improvements tailored to the needs of the device's target market: enterprise field deployments.

Though Sharp won't turn away any consumer end-user sales anyone can buy one today from Amazon.com the company ia actively positioning the new Z as a corporate IT tool. Individuals interested in the SL-6000 should be aware that this is no consumer-grade iPAQ for common PIM and email access, even though the reasonable $699 price tag might indicate otherwise.

The new Z offers 64MB or RAM and 64MB of flash, a 400MHz Intel XScale processor, a 1500mAh lithium-ion battery pack, built-in 802.11b wireless, both CF and SD card slots, an optional expansion jacket with an additional battery and CF slot for wide-area wireless options such as 1XRTT, a shock resistant casing that can withstand a one-meter drop to concrete, and that gorgeous 4-inch VGA transflective display with a protective coating designed to endure hard, daily use.

Click here to visit the Sharp Zaurus site.
-- Posted Thursday, April 1, 2004 by davidmacneill