July 2004

HP announces new iPAQs
HP has announced several lines of brand-new iPAQs. The company is also separating consumer oriented from business oriented products. The 1700 Series and 3000 Series consumer lines are called "Mobile Media Companions" whereas the business products retain the Pocket PC designation. The Mobile Media Companions seek to be fun and handy devices that tie into other home media and entertainment systems, and they emphasize imaging, multimedia, gaming, etc. HP also announced the long-awaited h6300 Pocket PC phone which distinguishes itself with a 3-way radio: phone, Bluetooth, and 802.11b. The undisputed star HP's announcement, however, is the new 4700 Series Pocket PC with an ultra-fast "Bulverde" processor, a touchpad, and a glorious 480 x 640 4-inch display. I have no problem at all pronouncing the new iPAQ hx4700 the best PDA ever. A detailed look at the new iPAQs. -- Posted Monday, July 26, 2004 by chb