August 2002

Sony CLIE SJ30 sports color screen, smaller size
Sony has rounded out its new low-end lineup with today's announcement of the color CLIE SJ30 Palm OS handheld. Identical in shape and size to the CLIE SJ20 announced on August 16, the SJ30 has a 320 x 320 64K color screen. The screen is the same backlit reflective TFT technology used in the T665C. Keeping with its lower price, and smaller size, the SJ30 does not have the built-in MP3 capability of the T665C, but it does have everything the SJ20 does, including Palm OS 4.1, 16MB RAM, and a 33MHz processor. It also has a Jog Dial, IrDA port, and a Memory Stick slot. Cradle is not included.

In use, it is as good an experience as the SJ20, but with superb color. The SJ30 will be an excellent PDA, especially if you think your Personal Digital Assistant should display razor sharp, vibrant pictures. The screen is the same size as the T665C, making it a little bigger than the monochrome SJ20 screen. As a result, the whole package just seems to "fit" better. It loses a little something of the T665's tall, slightly more slender grace, but it offers the most color power in the smallest package yet. Available in stores Monday, the device is available for purchase on the website. US$299.
-- Posted Friday, August 30, 2002 by sab

Consumer Edition of Sharp Mobile Services for SL-5500 launched
The Consumer Edition of Sharp Mobile Services for the Zaurus SL-5500 PDA was introduced on August 22. Running on the Verizon Wireless CDPD network, it's an end-to-end wireless email solution that allows reciept and viewing of Word, Excel, and Powerpoint files, plus Web browsing. Users get an Enfora Pocket Spider 2 CDPD modem, which it is claimed delivers better radio performance as well as longer battery life than it's predecessor. -- Posted Wednesday, August 28, 2002 by sab

Intermec to employ AirFortress Wireless Security
Intermec Technologies Corp has announced a partnership with Fortress Technology which will result in greater security for its wireless networks. As part of the partnership, Intermec will make Fortress's AirFortress Wireless Security Solution available as part of its MobileLAN wireless local area network suite. AirFortress is the first 802.11 security solution to receive the US Government's Federal Information Processing Standards 140 certification (FIPS 140). AirFortress are designed to defend against a wide range of attacks used to interrupt or intercept wireless LAN traffic. |
-- Posted Wednesday, August 28, 2002 by sab

Pointsec picture password solution
Pointsec Mobile Security has a simple alternative to traditional password input methods: PicturePIN. A set of images is displayed onscreen and users remember the pattern. As the release says: "By constructing a symbol-based story, or scenario using one's own imagination... the sequence becomes totally memorable yet seemingly random. Man-Coffee-Girl-Dog-Flowers-Envelope is hard to remember unless you turn it into a story about a man who spills coffee on his girlfriend's dog and apologizes by sending her some roses in an envelope. The more silly and surreal the story, the better." -- Posted Wednesday, August 28, 2002 by sab

AvantGo distributes Pylon through Handango
Handango will now be distributing AvantGo's Pylon enterprise solutions, according to an AvantGo release. "With Pylon enterprises are able to access their custom Lotus Notes applications, email, schedules, contacts, tasks, and notes on both Pocket PC and Palm OS devices anytime and anywhere." -- Posted Wednesday, August 28, 2002 by sab

Remote control software for Palm OS from Philips
Philips Electronics today announced ProntoLite personal remote control software for the Palm OS. ProntoLite is already available in the Philips Pronto line of remote controls, but it has been reprogrammed to work on most Palm OS devices. "Users always have their Palm with them, which is very different from traditional remotes," said Ivo Lurvink, CEO of Philips Components' Emerging Electronics Solutions. "As a result, one 'remote' can now control devices at home, in the office, or on the road." ProntoLite can control up to 10 audio/visual devices, including TVs, VCRs, and stereos. US$19.95 Trial version is available at: -- Posted Wednesday, August 28, 2002 by sab

Sony announces another low price PDA
Sony has announced yet another small bargain PDA. Like a little data block, the new SJ20 is small and easy to bring along, with a great screen and good looks. 16MB RAM, 33MHz processor, redesigned flip lid, and Memory Stick slot make for a well-rounded offering for a reasonable US$199.99 price tag. The new PDA is expected to go on sale Monday, August 19, and is available on the website. See the review
-- Posted Friday, August 16, 2002 by sab

Handspring launches Sprint CDMA phone
Announced just days after the launch of Sprint's 3G PCS Vision service, Handspring's Treo 300 features a slightly modified shape and a more solid feel, and is able to take advantage of the Nation's first 3G network. Like the Treo 270, it has a 12-bit screen, a 33MHz processor, a QWERTY keyboard (4,096 colors), and sells for US$499. Users of the Treo 300 can download PCS Business Connection Personal Edition software, which allows one-touch access to corporate email, calendar, and contacts while mobile. This service is included with the US$84.99 per month calling plan, and is alternately available for US$5.00 per month for lower-priced plans. This latest Treo is available Nationwide at Sprint Stores, third party outlets, and online at, as well as at

Also available on the Sprint site is the Toshiba 2032 Pocket PC Phone Edition device for US$799. It has 64K colors, a 207MHz StrongARM processor and 32MB RAM.
-- Posted Monday, August 12, 2002 by sab

Acrobat Reader comes to Symbian communicators
Adobe PDF files can now be read on yet another mobile device, the Symbian-based Nokia Communicator 9290 and 9210. Currently in beta, the application is available for free download from Adobe's website. Acrobat Reader for Symbian OS allows users to read documents in either their original format or reflowed to fit the width of the communicator screen. The Symbian OS phone must have a minimum available memory of 1.3MB. The beta version is English only, with other languages to follow in future versions. Acrobat Reader is also available for Palm OS and Pocket PC handhelds.

-- Posted Monday, August 5, 2002 by sab

Sony Ericsson to demonstrate T68i camera in public
According to Reuters, Sony Ericsson has begun seeking young models to walk around public places toting their new T68i cell phone with a digital camera attachment called the CommuniCam. The models will ask passersby to take their picture with the unique combo. Pictures taken with the phone can then be emailed to other phones or computers. The CommuniCam can currently capture 352 x 288 pixel resolution images, and is available on the Web and in stores for around US$170.
-- Posted Monday, August 5, 2002 by sab

Create and edit PowerPoint presentations on Docs to Go Premium
DataViz today announced its Premium Edition of Documents to Go 5.0. Among its major features is the ability to create and edit PowerPoint compatible presentations on Palm OS handhelds. The release includes a new word processor optimized for high resolution Palm OS screens, like the current high-end Sony line. The new word processor can also display paragraph formatting, tables, and graphics embedded into the document, and fonts can be changed in the handheld. The latest edition of Documents to Go makes for three levels of the productivity application, Premium being top of the line for US$69.95, Professional is bundled with Palm brand handhelds, and Standard is available for US$49.95. Current users can upgrade to either 5.0 or 5.0 Premium at prices detailed at the company site.
-- Posted Monday, August 5, 2002 by sab

TDK to offer PrintBoy with Bluetooth sleds
Bachmann Software and TDK Systems Europe have announced that they'll be bundling PrintBoy Anywhere (Palm) and CE (Pocket PC) Editions with their TDK adapters, like the bluePAQ sled for iPAQ and blueM and blue5 for the Palm V and Palm m515, respectively. "Whether you work in a law firm, hospital, warehouse, college, or any institution in which handhelds and wireless networks are becoming more common, the ability to print your handheld datais just as critical as it is to be able to print documents from your netoworked PC," said Dan Reuvers, Bachmann Software's VP of Business Development. PrintBoy CE and PrintBoy Anywhere are available for US$39.99 at | |
-- Posted Thursday, August 1, 2002 by sab

Ringo 3 customizes Treo alerts
Ringo 3.0, the ringtone manager for the Handspring Treo from Electric Pocket, lets users compose and share custom ringtones, and now supports association of photographs and graphical icons to a caller. When a person calls, a photo of that person could pop up on the screen. "The Treo is a lifestyle device and is the perfect personalized handheld, meeting each user's own specific need," said Iain Barclay, co-founder of Electric Pocket. "The ability to put faces with the names of incoming callers is a fun and practical addition to Ringo."
-- Posted Thursday, August 1, 2002 by sab

HanDBase makes Palm, Pocket PC databases compatible
DDH Software has announced HanDBase Sync Exchange, a program that allows HanDBase databases to be portable across Palm or Pocket PC handhelds. Companies whose workforce use different handhelds can thus have the same databases regardless of platform. Sync Exchange will be available as part of program bundles, designed to work with Microsoft Access, FileMaker Pro, and other ODBC databases. On an introductory basis, HanDBase Professional is available for US$39.99. See site for other bundles and prices.
-- Posted Thursday, August 1, 2002 by sab

Microsoft and AT&T Wireless form alliance
AT&T Wireless and Microsoft plan to develop and distribute end-to-end business solutions for Pocket PCs, smartphones, and laptops, most of which are slated to appear in mid-2003. Said solutions would "provide seamless, wireless access to email, information, and applications behind corporate firewalls," according to a joint company release: -- Posted Thursday, August 1, 2002 by sab

Agfa eBook Font Pak announced for Palm Reader software
Agfa Monotype has announced its second font pack made specifically for Palm Reader Pro software, which runs on both Palm OS and Pocket PC devices. Designed to enhance the onscreen reading experience, the new fonts will be available in 10, 12, 16, 18, and 24 point sizes for Palm OS, and will be scalable on the Pocket PC, with its TrueType format. The fonts will be available for a special price of US$9.95 through the month of August at
-- Posted Thursday, August 1, 2002 by sab

T-Mobile Pocket PC Phone launch
T-Mobile and Microsoft launched the T-Mobile Pocket PC Phone, the first piece of hardware running the Microsoft Pocket PC Phone Edition. For our full review of the T-Mobile click here. Posted by chb
-- Posted Thursday, August 1, 2002 by sab